Welcome to this, the story of our families and their history. You will find details of our genealogy with documentary evidence to back up the research. You will also find some of the family stories and myths which inevitably get handed down from one generation to the next. There are some personal histories which help us to understand past lives and personalities.

We’ve tracked our families to many countries around the world. That said, our earliest proven ancestors mostly come from a relatively small area of the English Midlands. Many family members remain there to this day. Others travelled surprising distances for a variety of reasons, to places which might seem surprising to us today. The evidence for these locations, near and far is documented here, and where possible we show how, when and why individuals or families moved from one place to another. This evidence shows that travel is not only a modern phenomenon.

Working lives have changed beyond recognition even in my own lifetime. This site covers more than 500 years of family history, and we can see how work occupations have evolved over those centuries. For many generations, only very slowly. Then, with the Industrial Revolution we see new occupations and professions which changed the course of so many lives. The changes can be seen clearly in the documents still available today.

The final resting places of most ordinary folk have been lost through the mists of time, however, in many cases we are able to track down burial records, or if we’re lucky, memorials. These often tell us much about the families concerned and are an important part of our heritage which we try to record on this site where possible. Even modest individuals often left a ‘Last Will and Testament’ some of which survive from even many hundreds of years ago. They can be among the most personal insights into an individual character and his or her living conditions. Where possible we aim to provide transcripts or even images of these precious documents.

We encourage you to browse our ever growing content, and if you are linked to anyone, or to any of the events recorded here, then we’d love to hear from you.